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    I work for a very large furniture retailer ( the shop where you get a free Allen key with every purchase..and oh! They serve meatballs in the restaurant) ...and upto a month ago I could connect to the WiFi with no problem. I now get a pop up warning to the effect that 'the site is seen as a security risk and is blocked .' I have spent some time trying to find out why..even spoke to an IT guy who just said 'it's because you've not got an iPhone......arrrrgGghhhhh! I can connect every where else apart from the big blue box.....any help would be gratefully received
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    05-10-17 11:06 PM
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    Not sure if I understand you correctly.
    Are you saying your Wi-Fi works everywhere "Except" for your workplace? (Big Blue Box?)

    If that's the case, And you haven't added any extra security software to your Passport, the block must be coming from the Company.
    (and tell the IT guy that when he decides what he wants to be when he grows up, suggest that he find something where he doesn't have to
    deal with anything living)
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    05-10-17 11:24 PM
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    Hi lostboy,
    Yeah I work in a big blue box and it is the only place where I cannot connect to the WiFi.....as far as I am aware out of 385 co-workers I am the only one with a blackberry....a very nice shiny passport a silver passport at that! Every one I speak can connect to the Wifi....only little old me cannot....any ideas..?
    05-11-17 03:01 PM
  4. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    OK... I get it now. Let's see if myself or one of my esteemed colleagues can fix this issue...
    (My comment on the IT guys still stands!!)

    05-11-17 04:26 PM
  5. stealing back some time's Avatar
    Hi lostboy
    I've asked a couple of different IT boys here at the box..standard answer.conversation went something like ''...oh it's a blackberry..didnt know they were still going...can't help you as to why your massive phone won't connect should get an i-slab much better than that thing.....''end of conversation!!!!
    05-17-17 11:53 PM
  6. Tim-ANC's Avatar
    Did you try a phone reset? What OS are you on? Post a screen shot of the error message you receive.
    05-18-17 12:35 AM

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