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  1. Mari Pia's Avatar
    Hi to all,
    Yesterday I tried to upload a photo to Facebook and coulnt. I searched in Forums and it seems Facebook has been removed from BB Hub. I installed the app Face 10 and it seems we need to pay for the "full application".

    Do you know why Facebook was removed from the HUB? Do you know how to solve this, if this is possible?
    Thank you!


    PS 13May2016 - Thank you for the answers below. I cant find the option of responding to your comments.
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    05-02-16 10:36 AM
  2. faisal khan14's Avatar
    Fb is not supported with BlackBerry anymore might be its completely unsupported with BBOS shortly as per fb decision in March.

    Posted via my @ Classic
    05-02-16 10:54 AM
  3. faisal khan14's Avatar
    On other hand log out from your account and give it a try login once might be it works

    Posted via my @ Classic
    05-02-16 10:56 AM

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