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    I've been trying to decide between the new PRIV and the Passport, and I was leaning towards the Passport, but I'm a little concerned since I read somewhere that the Passport has no means of producing a "tab" character. Tab is pretty much essential for me -- everything from jumping through fields in web forms to auto-completing stuff over SSH.

    In the latest release of the OS, can I get a tab? What about escape / other keys?

    Are there any other "power user" things the Passport can't do which I'm likely to run into after purchase? (ignoring app-related stuff...)
    11-06-15 05:10 PM
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    Can the Passport produce tab / escape?-img_20151106_212158.png

    See the up and down arrows in the lower right of that image? You use those to navigate through web forms.

    Similarly, the phone will autocomplete forms by displaying autotext selections that hover near the form field that you are completing. Tap to select.

    But you are correct that neither the physical nor virtual keyboards contain a tab key. I have never missed it except when composing word processing documents.

    I can't think of any time I have wanted the phone to have an escape key. But you are correct that it doesn't exist.

    PassportSQW100-1/ posted via CB10
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    11-06-15 10:26 PM
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    For use in word documents you could create a word substitution. I just typed "tb" and entered the substitution to be five spaces. Worked like a charm.

    Actually glad this was mentioned. Made me think about it, now I'm going to use it. The no tab in docs was kind of annoying.

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    11-06-15 11:44 PM

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