1. pixelvandalpav's Avatar
    Hi all, i'm due to take delivery of my passport this afternoon, i did a quick search, and i see that the Priv has the feature of 'swype' to type on the pkb, just as you would an on screen keyboard. I am aware that the passport has swipe up to do predictive text insertion and swipe back to delete etc, but is it possible to change the keyboard settings to do swype to type? just as you would on android devices? but using the keyboard on the passport? i thought i read about this some time ago, but when i searched again i couldn't seem to find the answer. thank you in advance!
    Not sure what name it would be under, swype, swipe, trace, there are so many different types, all do basically the same thing.....
    11-14-16 05:26 PM
  2. aullak's Avatar
    As far as I know You can't there is no 3rd party app also.

    BlackBerry Passport the productive workhorse.
    11-15-16 04:06 PM

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