1. johnniemo's Avatar
    I recall that the old BBOS used to allow you to define what different functions for the hardware keys. I would even accept a keyboard key. I just find I never use the blackberry assistant but I'm always unlocking my phone just to get to the flashlight.

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    03-16-15 06:37 PM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar

    Set a shortcut with they keyboard.

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    03-16-15 06:57 PM
  3. Stomps01's Avatar

    Set a shortcut with they keyboard.

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    You sure you can do that? I looked for that option but couldn't find it...

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    03-16-15 07:22 PM
  4. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Can't do it, but it would be nice.

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    03-16-15 07:57 PM
  5. shawnreum's Avatar
    Try a third party app from BBW. Either you can find an app that re assigns the mute button. Or find a third party flash light which you should be able to assign a short cut button to.

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    03-16-15 08:14 PM
  6. John Vieira's Avatar
    That's right, it's just a shortcut now, your other option is to download a flashlight app from bbw and make that a shortcut.

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    03-16-15 08:33 PM
  7. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Add it to your quick settings. Not as fast as clicking a single key but what's a few seconds going to change.
    03-16-15 08:56 PM
  8. johnniemo's Avatar
    It already is a shortcut. But that is still a 4 step process:
    1) wake device
    2) enter password
    3) swipe down
    4) enable flashlight

    Will an app allow the flashlight to turn on without waking the device?

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    03-16-15 10:50 PM
  9. shawnreum's Avatar
    Only way to make it a button while asleep would be, getting a third party app that goes through the mute button. And once assitance starts, that thrid party app would close assitance and turn on the light instead. Otherwise everything else seems to be locked until you unlock the screen.

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    03-17-15 11:59 AM

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