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    The PP connects to my PB the second it is in range-- brilliant, just what I'd expect.

    When I get in the car, the PP doesn't connect to my Pure Highway H260DBi unless I unlock it, swipe down, select Bluetooth and the Pure Highway. Not so brilliant, in fact quite tiresome so I only connect if I remember at the start of the journey that I want to stream from Deezer.

    I am aware that the reason could lie with the radio somehow, although I don't know how exactly.

    Can anyone suggest a solution?

    I have thought of buying some NFC stickers and programming them using the PP so that I just tap the phone to the car as I get in.

    Is there some sort of app or setting that I've missed that could sort this out so that it becomes automatic? Do other people's BB10's connect automatically to audio in their cars?

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    10-17-15 03:18 AM
  2. H4zN's Avatar
    Swipe down from the top, tap Bluetooth and choose configure from the bottom.

    Can I persuade my PP to automatically connect to the car audio?-img_20151017_092213.png

    Try turning on automatically connect!

    I have a built in radio in my car which my phone connects to automatically when I turned bluetooth on, on my phone. Sometimes I have to connect manually from the car's console. And sometimes I want to throw my phone out the windows when even then it doesn't connect. But then I remember all those times it did.

    Hope it helps!

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    10-17-15 03:25 AM
  3. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    Thanks mate, however connect to last device does not help either!

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    10-17-15 04:48 AM
  4. RezzaBuh's Avatar
    It connects automatically to my Hyundai as hands free. What I don't like is that I have to run Deezer and hit play first otherwise car system doesn't detect any media.

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    10-17-15 09:06 AM
  5. RoseBud68's Avatar
    My Passport connect to my head unit every time. It my be your unit and not the Passport that the problem.
    10-17-15 10:18 AM
  6. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    It turns out that the problem was the head unit, not the Passport. I never even considered that you could upgrade the software on a radio.

    At the Pure support website, there is a new version of the software that specifically addresses this problem.

    I have loaded this and the phone and head unit connect every time I get in the car now.

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    10-21-15 07:49 AM
  7. RezzaBuh's Avatar
    Hh, upgrading car system ;-). But great it works for you!

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    10-23-15 03:50 AM

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