1. jabbathehub's Avatar
    I have recently started getting problems with my Passport not sending emails while I am roaming in the UK...it is a UK phone on O2. Then when I get back to a wifi spot I usually have to reboot the phone and then they go. Obviously hugely frustrating...I have a feeling I had a similar problem with my first passport which had to be replaced. Is this a common problem and is there a way to sort it out as driving me mad....I was thinking of getting the Priv but am getting serious anti blackberry issues now!
    10-28-15 04:08 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    If you are a customer with O2-UK you will *not* be roaming within UK. The problem is that you have gone into an area with poor cellular coverage from O2, and the phone has reached maximum attempts to connect before the email was sent successfully. Most network drops are only a few seconds and it will try frequently, then less often when it works out that you really are out of coverage. I think after some number of tries (off-net time?) it scales back more attempts to reconnect to the network, maybe eventually back to only a few tries per hour just to conserve battery. I see this frequently because my work takes me into places where cellular signals are blocked, and I know I need to reboot the phone when I come out in the open again.
    10-28-15 07:04 AM

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