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    I came across an interesting problem today using Genius Maps (a BB10 app) with voice navigation and my new car.

    Other BlackBerry related voice/audio features work properly via Bluetooth ‎with my new car (2017 VW Golf) except for Genius Maps. It seems that when Genius Maps detects a Bluetooth connection it automatically routes voice navigation instructions to the Bluetooth device. For some reason the voice navigation isn't triggering the car audio system when it's giving directions.

    Is there a way to tell Genius Maps to ignore any Bluetooth devices?

    If I disable bluetooth connectivity on my Passport then the voice navigation works fine using the phone's built-in speaker, but that means I can't use the phone hands-free.

    My device info:
    Model: Passport | Blackberry

    This is the first time I've paired my Passport with a car audio system so I don't know if this problem is specific to this car or if it's a common problem.


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    I found a work-around.
    1. Go into Settings -> Bluetooth
    2. Press and hold the device in question (my car in this case).
    3. Select Device Details.
    4. De-select Audio Streaming.

    Now the voice navigation uses the phone's speakers.

    The only drawback is that I can't stream music from my phone via bluetooth. No big deal, I'll just put my music on a USB stick.
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    Theoretically you should be able to stream music by Bluetooth.

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    06-20-18 11:55 AM
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    Not in this case. Audio Streaming and Media Player control are both controlled by the same "Media" switch. So they're either both enabled or both disabled.
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    06-21-18 08:07 AM

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