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    Long time iPhone user (Literally every upgrade), but I have alternated with Blackberry off and on the past 7 years. I've missed the external keyboard and professionalism of BBerry devices.

    With that being said, I received my iPhone 6 and have hated it for months now. So two nights ago I went onto Amazon and found the Passport available. I just opened it today, and it's Fing awesome

    Now, onto my questions:

    I have searched the forums for "side loading" apps and found the Playbook/chrome method. That allowed me to install Pandora, G Voice, and Paypal.

    Can any one point me in the direction of a "Bar" file for the following:
    - Yelp
    - Strava
    - Fitbit

    Those are the only two apps that I really would miss with no longer using my iPhone. And the strava app is a deal breaker.

    I have stumbled upon some threads here, but none seem to be "bar" files.

    Also, the Google Voice "bar" file that I side loaded, will not allow me to log in. It states "My account status can not be loaded".

    Thank You
    11-13-14 04:36 PM
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    To find the apps that you are wanting, install snap, via the chrome method. Snap is basically Google play. Also, try the lucky patcher for BlackBerry to fix those Google voice problems. PM me with questions.

    Snap: How to use Snap on BlackBerry 10 to install Android APK files | CrackBerry.com

    Lucky Patcher: http://forums.crackberry.com/android...atcher-947141/
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    11-13-14 04:54 PM
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    WoW thank you!

    To easy.
    11-13-14 05:10 PM
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    How do I get "Google Play Services" on phone?

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    11-13-14 08:41 PM

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