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    Hi guys,

    I'm a first-time BlackBerry user, and have been stalking this forum on-and-off since finding out about the Passport. I ordered one as soon as it came into stock again on shopblackberry, and am mostly very happy with it after two weeks of use. I've come across some issues that I haven't really found answers to so I thought I'd ask them here.

    Blend: I am very intrigued by everything I've read about how wonderful Blend is, but I can't get it to work with my laptop when I'm on a VPN connection. When I click on the link in the fine print that says "Information on how to install and configure BlackBerry Blend for BES10 and newer is available to IT Admins by visiting [link I'm not allowed to post since this is my first post ever]." I just get "This page has a redirect loop" (using Chrome). Anyone know what that information is/have a link that actually works so that I can get it to my IT Admin?

    Sharepoint: The only time I have an issue with the keyboard is when I type in a Sharepoint toolkit. Everytime I type a letter, suggested words flash up for a split second, and if I try to continue, it adds one of the suggested words to the letter I just typed. For example, when I try to type "Jeg", what I get is "JJegJeg" and longer words look even worse. To avoid this issue, I have to type extreeeemely slowly - one letter, wait for the screen to calm down, another letter, repeat. Is there a (free) solution to this? I couldn't find anyone else complaining about this issue, but from what I can tell, there might be apps that could help. Is this a known quirk? I assume it's a problem on Sharepoint's end.

    Advance Exchange device: Two questions - I just discovered that my headphone jack doesn't work, and shopblackberry is being awesome and sending me an Advance Exchange device. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the 30 days free customer supports gets reset when it arrives or if it just continues counting down from when I received the original device (so I only have 14 days free support). Second question - is the Advance Exchange device a refurbished Passport? I saw some speculation on the forum regarding this issue and I'd personally be a little disappointed if I paid for a new device, but got a refurbished one in exchange, since refurbished devices tend to be discounted.

    I'm so happy that something like this exists! I wish there were a dual-SIM version so I could switch out my personal phone (Galaxy Note original - so slow now). I'd abandon my Note completely if my passport could actually make/receive calls. Yes, that's right - I love this phone even though it doesn't even work as a phone! (Stupid TDC, hoping it gets fixed at some point.) But anyway, such a dream come true - googled "phablet physical keyboard" and there was actually a result.
    11-25-14 02:23 PM

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