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    I just switched to passport from a z30. I am starting to notice that if a number is not saved in my contact list then my passport won't receive the call.

    I basically tried it from my landline number where I first deleted the number from my contacts list on my passport and called it. I could hear a a ring tone and then a busy tone, my passport doesn't notify me about the call. However it shows the number in the missed call report. I then saved my home phone number in my contacts list on my passport, and tried calling the passport from the landline again. This time my passport rang like it should. I again deleted my landline number from my passports contact list and tried calling it. And again all I could hear was a short ring tone and then a busy tone.

    Any help or advise on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated!!

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    10-24-14 06:17 AM
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    Native to BB10, the OS has simple functionality to block calls.
    99.99% of the time, however, carriers hide or disable this feature.
    It may be that your carrier hasn't "edited" your access to the feature, so try this:

    Tap your Phone icon, like you going to make a call.
    Within the Phone App, swipe down from the top.
    See if the option for Call Blocking are not greyed out, if not go into those settings and look to see if there is sometime like "Black Calls from number not on your Contacts" or such.

    If they are greyed out, then look to a third party app you have installed that may have the above type of setting.
    For example, the app Power Tools does have built in call blocking functionality that works with BB10.3.
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