06-03-19 08:49 PM
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  1. Shifty88's Avatar
    Yeah I thought it was time to stop thinking about it & just buy it..
    Unless I'm doing something wrong I can only text or email a certain amount of words, about as many as this reply before the phone will not input any other letters.. I've reset it and updated the software but still no joy?
    This makes no sense. I've never heard of inputs just stopping. Maybe make a separate thread about it to attract attention and hopefully someone knows what it could be.
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    05-11-19 12:26 PM
  2. oldmangeddyboy's Avatar
    Have done, and no of all the modern smart phones I've owned not a one has ever done that before, honestly thought I had done something wrong, but even after a reset its still the same issue.
    Thanks for the advice...
    05-11-19 12:38 PM
  3. teknofish's Avatar
    I have to give up my much beloved Silver Passport in a few days, as I have to jump wagon to Android as most people do these days. I love BB10 but the lack of support and the every day more difficult to perform most tasks has me forced to buy a Nokia 7 Plus device. Unfortunaly I cannot afford to buy a Key2, neither a Key2 Lite which is much inferior, but its a Blackberry. The recession that has hit Greece, where I live, has made it very difficult for people like me to continue living the way we used to 10 years ago, and its not getting any better, but even worse, year after year. That's why i'm going for a mid-range device that has been released one year ago and has now a very deep discount, just 225 euros. Offcourse I will keep my 3 year old Passport which is in perfect condition as a backup phone. Take care.
    Shouldn't have joined the EU mate.
    06-03-19 08:49 PM
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