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    So a few months ago my father got water damage inside and his keyboard stopped working just the touch function of the keyboard and would type it self at times. So he sent it to blackberry and gave him a replacement until they find out what is wrong with the phone and they said water damage and they said they won't replace it. 2 month of looking for a keyboard and we found one on aliexpress order it waited 3 weeks and finally got it and replaced it on the phone and that keyboard worked to a point where Q,A,Z,Y,H didn't work and the touch wasn't working so I said well the keyboard is screwed so we looked for a broken phone and found one for $180 replace the motherboard because the motherboard of the original phone wasn't working with the keyboard so the motherboard it self was screwed too. Went to enter the APN settings and its a european phone doesn't give all the settings I need for a NA phone. Is there a way I can flash the phone to a NA model or something I use to change the APN?
    06-12-15 09:02 AM

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