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    Now i have a Passport device. Previously i have the Z10. But the same problem happened before.

    Normaly in the office i connect my bluetooth headset to both the computer and to the blackberry.
    I have the Plantronics Legend UC. It is a multipoint device.

    Some time, during the day, when i speak on the mobile phone, using the bluetooth headset, people tell me that can't hear me. They listen me but "far away". The hedset microphone suddenly get low, very low. But on the audio volume is still ok, because i can listen the other person well, no changes on the audio volume.

    If i commute to the Passport normal microphone, disconneting the bluetoth headset, it is ok then. Pleople listen me well. To resolve this, i just need to turn off the bluetooth on the mobile phone, and then turn it on again. After, randomly, the same happen again.

    This doesn't happen in any bluetooth comunication in the skype using the same headset.

    All this situation happend as well as with the Z10 i had previously.

    I thought the problem was with the microphone of the Plantronics Legend, then last week i decided to buy other headset. I bought the Jabra Storm.

    So, now i use the Jabra Storm only with Passport and the problem, randomly, happen again. It is very frustrating.

    To me, this is something with the OS 10 and not any phisical problem with the headset.

    Any similar problem ? Any sugestions ?

    thank you for the support.


    Pdro Jesus
    11-25-14 05:46 AM
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    Hi to All,

    I have an update on this.

    I think this is really a bug on the phone, and the bluetooth headset, in this case the Jabra Storm ( the last one i have and i am using now ), is not usable.

    On the phone if i start a phone conversation using bluetooth headset ( Jabra ) after, let's say, 2 minutes the microphone sound start to get low, and the person on the other side tell me that i start to speak very low.

    If on the phone i just change the "audio" to phone and again to "headset" the microphone goes normal and the other person listen well. After a while, the same happens again.

    During all this, i am not moving. I am on my desk, with the headset on the left side and the phone as well on my left side.

    Blackberry please see this, and if necessary i can do diferent tests. I love my Passport ( previously i love my Z10; since more then 10 years that i have BB... ).

    thank you.
    11-25-14 05:46 AM
  3. pedrojesus's Avatar
    Another update on this:
    . The same happen me on a BBM voice call.
    11-26-14 04:40 AM
  4. pedrojesus's Avatar

    Another update: if after each phone call using the bluetooth headset, i just turn of and then turn it on again ( the headset ), the microphone volume return to the normal.

    Other solution i try and it works is just turn off the bluetooh on the Passport, and turn it on again. With this "procedure" no complain about the volume of my microphone that sudenly went low...

    Of course this is not a solution. It is a very very annoiyng workaround.

    To me, the problem is on the OS 10 and not on the phone it self.
    11-28-14 05:30 AM

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