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    Am looking at buying a bluetooth hrm for cycling whilst listening to music via a bluetooth headset using cascarun...any idea if this will work?

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    04-30-15 02:46 AM
  2. Edders1964's Avatar
    If anybody was wondering, I bought a Polar H7 heart rate monitor, mpow bluetooth headphones and cascarun pro and all work perfectly on my passport at the same time, also bought a Delta XL smartphone holder for cycling from Amazon.com which fits the passport perfectly.

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    05-14-15 07:22 AM
  3. imcurved's Avatar
    Could you provide a link to the smartphone holder? Thanks.

    06-25-15 10:43 PM
  4. imcurved's Avatar
    And a couple of pictures while you are at it. Thanks.

    06-25-15 10:45 PM
  5. Edders1964's Avatar
    06-27-15 12:01 PM
  6. Edders1964's Avatar
    Will post a pic with passport in holder Monday

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    06-27-15 12:03 PM
  7. scorepion's Avatar
    I have a mio alpha bluetooth wrist hrm and a Bluetooth headphone, both work perfectie together to on my passport, I'm using cascarun...

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    06-27-15 05:07 PM
  8. Edders1964's Avatar
    Bluetooth hrm and audio-img_20150628_103556.jpg

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    06-29-15 08:29 AM
  9. HighFlight88's Avatar
    I have the Polar H7 heart rate monitor and the Soundpeats Qy7 Bluetooth earbuds together with Cascarun Pro.

    I can confirm that they work perfectly together on either the Q10 or the Z30.

    A note: the HRM initially pairs on first try but then a message pops up saying it can't connect and software is required. All that is necessary at that point is to launch Cascarun and turn on the HRM function and select the HRM.

    The Soundpeats are great and provide music volume, track, and phone call pickup capabilities.

    Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30 | via CB10
    09-13-15 12:47 AM
  10. HighFlight88's Avatar
    Bluetooth hrm and audio-img_20151119_094551.jpg

    Another morning run with CascaRun, RunDouble, and Bluetooth HRM and music. This is the perfect setup, IMHO.

    My Q10 handles it all at once, flawlessly:
    - Polar HRM Bluetooth communication
    - SoundPEATS Bluetooth ear and mic audio
    - CascaRun music playlist and controls
    - CascaRun heart rate and distance notifications, and goal prompts
    - CascaRun/MeeRun uploads
    - RunDouble C25K workout prompts
    - RunDouble - MyFitnessPal integration
    - Phone calls or BBM voice on the way, if needed

    The Polar-SoundPEATS-RunDouble combo also works great on its own with prompts and built-in music player and HRM pairing, but I prefer CascaRun for the smooth user interface, graphics, and the wealth of information it provides.

    Bluetooth hrm and audio-img_20151119_100536.png

    Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30
    11-19-15 12:05 PM

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