1. Mohamad Chehadeh's Avatar
    BlackBerry World-img_20150629_194423.png

    I'm still having this problem with BlackBerry world. It takes about 100 tries for it work once. Help?

    Posted via the king of phones. The Passport.
    06-29-15 11:48 AM
  2. Hulk123's Avatar
    Tried hard reset?

    Posted via BlackBerry Classic
    06-29-15 11:50 AM
  3. Mohamad Chehadeh's Avatar
    Yes and unfortunately it's just a temporary solution. When I do a hard reset I can access BlackBerry world just once, when I close it and try to open again I get the same error.

    Posted via the king of phones. The Passport.
    06-29-15 01:52 PM
  4. fanisk's Avatar
    I had this problem some years ago,the solution that it worked for me was to change my BlackBerry ID password, from a PC.

    Sent from my BlackBerry Passport
    06-29-15 02:23 PM
  5. Mohamad Chehadeh's Avatar
    I will try this now. I hope it works!

    Posted via the king of phones. The Passport.
    06-29-15 03:22 PM
  6. cookie20's Avatar
    06-30-15 02:06 AM
  7. Wissam Karaky's Avatar
    I believe and noticed that this error comes up when you are connected to the data through your sim card. This error doesn't show when you connect via wifi.

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-15 04:35 AM
  8. cookie20's Avatar
    For me it mattered not a jot whether I was on WiFi only (including different WiFi networks) or my mobile network. Bbworld would not work for me. And even with the above fix it still seems a little unstable. Will keep monitoring now that i've upgraded os (non destructive)

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-15 04:48 AM

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