02-21-16 10:45 AM
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  1. shai404's Avatar
    Best phone for me!

    Posted via CB10
    02-16-16 09:51 AM
  2. huisberry's Avatar
    If using BlackBerry devices since 8700g considered loyal, so be it. I find BlackBerry devices to be reliable in my routines, in work and social.

    02-16-16 03:43 PM
  3. joekuh's Avatar
    I was a new convert since last September, as my brother spared me this lovely OG. I have been a phone junkie ever since smartphone became popular, and all the major brands, be it Apple, android and window phones, you name it, I have probably tried it already.

    Now with both the Passport and the Priv, I'd say my search is complete - one has the security and stability of the BlackBerry OS, while the other one has the abundance of apps of the android world. PKB is definitely a winning feature, but the rarity of other using it makes it even more appealing to me!

    Posted via CB10
    02-16-16 05:19 PM
  4. Elwin Franken's Avatar
    Not at all, in fact this is my first BlackBerry device. I BlackBerry Passport to be precisely, and I love it.

    Posted via CB10
    02-16-16 05:28 PM
  5. AJ SINGH STYLISH's Avatar
    The day I appreciate my Z10 is the day,it start giving problems

    Posted via CB10
    02-16-16 08:37 PM
  6. Suarez604's Avatar
    I've had all kinds of phones in the past from... iPhone's to Nexus and Windows 8.1 devices but always end up coming back to BB10. (Currently on passport) Blackberry 10 offers all essential features without the distractions and the option to side load android apps makes it perfect..
    acovey likes this.
    02-17-16 10:21 AM
  7. lowezz's Avatar
    My Passport was great! Now im missing out on to many things that Android and ios can do that BlackBerry can't! People say does what I need! I don't buy that now a days! I used to say that too!

    Posted via CB10
    acovey likes this.
    02-17-16 12:05 PM
  8. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Even windows phone is better than crappie. Universal apps are coming. Use a tablet for apps.

    Posted from a wireless charging Passport. Get one!
    02-17-16 12:36 PM
  9. jimmy zamalot's Avatar
    honestly love my passport, was using the nexus 6 for awhile, beautiful Google phone, like Android, but just missed bb10 features, and I love typing on a physical keyboard, since my motorola 2 way pager days, and this keyboard is nice and wide.
    after using the Nexus 6 for 6 months I couldn't take and traded it back for a Passport, and now the Passport does not feel that big
    acovey likes this.
    02-17-16 07:08 PM
  10. Newfdogg's Avatar
    2nd day on my new passport just love it.
    02-18-16 08:25 PM
  11. andy957's Avatar
    What u think?? BlackBerry customers uses that phone due to it's performance or just being loyalty?

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    02-18-16 08:58 PM
  12. sunnys1's Avatar
    Yes and no. I have had a blackberry a few years ago and it was mainly for BBM.

    I then had a brief stint with the passport last year when I was at business school for a year. Excellent phone for carrying all your documents, doing emails and having a great calender scheduler.

    Posted via CB10
    02-18-16 09:44 PM
  13. Zedd88's Avatar
    What u think?? BlackBerry customers uses that phone due to it's performance or just being loyalty?

    Posted via CB10
    I can't answer for everbody, but personally, the Passport is my first Blackberry ever. So I definitely didn't buy it because of loyalty. Instead I bought it because of it's function and performance. I liked it so much that I bought the Passport SE late last year.
    02-18-16 11:52 PM
  14. spacemanZ10's Avatar
    I bought the passport because I loved the look and shape of it and I got so addicted to the OT and hub.
    App situation a bit dire but worth the sacrifice
    It the passport hadn't been around I would have probably gone Sony or iPhone as the classic looks to last decade lol!

    Posted by my splendid Z10
    02-19-16 02:13 AM
  15. coffeeaddict305's Avatar
    2nd day on my new passport just love it.
    5th day on mine and it feels great! My first BlackBerry Passport

     Piano Black Passport 
    02-19-16 02:35 AM
  16. yessuz's Avatar
    Why would you put a question in the thread name, but use exclamation marks instead of questionmarks?

    CB10 on PP SE in UK on 3
    02-19-16 04:10 AM
  17. yessuz's Avatar
    Blackberry has keyboards as a gimmick to be fair. However what I like best is focusing on messaging thru the hub.

    CB10 on PP SE in UK on 3
    02-19-16 04:11 AM
  18. geraldfm's Avatar
    Well, since right now, Blackberry's the only one producing smartphones with PKB; realized I really prefer PKBs than virtual ones.

    CB10 on my BBQ10
    02-19-16 05:27 AM
  19. NexusLexus's Avatar
    In my case mainly because of performance from both OS and hardware! Second the combination of design, quality and exclusivity...

    Am I loyal? Yes but performance matters more and nothing else on the market fulfills my needs more than my Passport. As simple as that!

    BlackBerry OS10 It ain't over until it's over! White Passport...
    02-19-16 06:56 AM
  20. Carjackd's Avatar
    Passport is still an awesome device....I switched to the Priv because it's the latest and if they release android on the passport, I may pick one up again

    Posted via My BlackBerry PRIV cause I'm a Priviot
    02-19-16 07:24 AM
  21. aha's Avatar
    Can't deny the loyalty factor... but it's not all that. It's also what suits your mind state at the time of purchase. I like to think myself as efficient and intelligent enough to handle something different, so I rejects (almost unconscious) the idea of getting an iPhone. Android is complicated enough but it feels so unpolished up until recent years and then there is the Google factor... but all these thoughts, which I realized recently, are just coming from the brainwash process of CrackBerry.

    I know this is not the intention of CB but it's the consequence of visiting CB daily. Like the ideas of BlackBerry are tools not toys, BlackBerry are more efficient than other OSs, BlackBerry fails because of marketing, BlackBerry don't need better specs to bring better user experience, low end BlackBerry can save BlackBerry, marketing is carriers responsibility, BlackBerry needs tool belts, All touch BlackBerry is doomed to fail.... all these are indoctrinated among fans through CB and eventually loops back to affect BlackBerry 's view on reality.

    Apple and Android fans are the victims of very similar brainwashing processes.

    The only ones awake are ones took the blue pill.

    tado261 likes this.
    02-19-16 11:52 AM
  22. TIMSHULL's Avatar
    I like to rock em just to be different. And cause they are great. Loyal user since 2009

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-16 05:20 PM
  23. castano22's Avatar
    Some are some aren't is the same with iPhone, Windows Mobile and every other phone

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    02-19-16 07:12 PM
  24. hockey88's Avatar
    Perfect form and fit!

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-16 07:30 PM
  25. sansanakaduc's Avatar
    Same here, BBPPSE because it "feels" my needs through 10.3. As for the after-Blackberry, I will reassess what's on the market vs my needs, in hoping that  will fill be a credible/viable option.

    Sent from the pure awesomeness of my  Passport SE
    02-19-16 08:08 PM
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