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    I'm sure Facebook/Instagram doesn't mind the extra users nor the traffic if they aren't obliged to do any work or spend any money for it. However, if causes bad PR such as people complaining or if it affects service or security then they will put a stop to it. They certainly won't allow Blackberry to say that Instagram is supported in any way.
    01-06-15 03:44 PM
  2. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    The major problem is there are no public APIs that allow you to do anything other than view postings on Instagram. So, BlackBerry would have to purchase access to those APIs and I don't believe Instagram will open themselves up to that. iGrann technically violates Instagram's ToS.
    This. People don't really realize this. I understand it because Twitter and Facebook encourage interacting with their networks via third party apps. Instagram absolutely does NOT. The only thing they really want sharing with the Instagram network is the Instagram app which they support, control and manage.

    I like iGrann fine and use it daily to view, post, like and comment. But I secretly suspect one day Instagram is going to change something and kill it. They done it before.
    01-06-15 03:49 PM
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    iGrann's dev is working on the whole video upload thing. But the android Instagram app works fine on all BB10 devices. I use it for video uploads as a failsafe. But iGrann is my goto app for uploads and views

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    01-11-15 04:52 PM
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    I'm sorry but I think a pink passport would be absolutely disgusting. I usually like pink accessories but just not on the passport, it will look cheap. I had the choice between the white and black and felt the black just looked sleeker.

    On the IG front, it's so irritating when people on here are dismissive about it simply because they don't use it. I HAVE to use IG for my work, as do many people who work professionally in PR, advertising, social media and online. Times are changing and almost all businesses have an online presence and image they have to craft. Denying this fact and Blackberry not catering for it will mean Blackberry will die out when the current users who don't need IG die out - which, no offence, probably won't be that long.

    This isn't just about IG, it's about many things a lot of people on here are dismissive about just because they don't use it, but are hugely popular elsewhere.

    You have to move with the times and with how business are changing.
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