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    BlackBerry never intended for the Passport to be a phone that everyone would want to buy, but it’s clearly got a lot of people excited. It’s already sold out at two online stores and has taken the number one spot in Amazon’s unlocked phones listing.

    According to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, more than 200,000 Passports have been ordered since the device launched on Wednesday. That figure isn’t in the same ballpark as the iPhone 6, but it’s undeniably impressive for a device from a company that appeared to be crashing and burning. And it’s already sold better than the Amazon Fire phone.

    The chunky, awkward-looking Passport is also sold out not just on BlackBerry’s own store, but also over at Amazon. Early orders shot it past all other unlocked phones, and that’s amazing to see for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s a BlackBerry. On top of that, it’s a $600 phone. While that’s not necessarily expensive for an unlocked flagship device, it’s a lot more than Amazon shoppers normally spend.
    BlackBerry's oddball Passport smartphone is actually selling out | Mobile | Geek.com

    09-28-14 11:57 PM
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    09-28-14 11:58 PM

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