1. scorpio001's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Trying to setup Protect on my Passport SE.

    I have switched on Protect on my BB SE with Location Services as ON. But Traffic Collect is OFF.

    On the Blackberry Protect website i am still seeing it as still not associated with my BB SE.

    Am i still missing some setup info?

    Is this service available for Corporate users only?

    Last edited by scorpio001; 12-05-15 at 10:08 PM. Reason: Added 1 more question.
    12-05-15 09:58 PM
  2. Ksama's Avatar
    i have same problem with you too. Still wait blackberry master solving our problem
    12-23-15 05:40 AM
  3. sedat's Avatar
    Have you confirmed you BlackBerry ID e-mail?
    12-23-15 06:13 AM
  4. Ksama's Avatar
    Have you confirmed you BlackBerry ID e-mail?
    Yes, I Had confirmed my BlackBerry ID e-mail. When i log in to protect.blackberry.com, i dont see my passport se on my device tab. had turn off then turn on again blacberry protect on my device too and the problem still not cleared ...
    12-23-15 11:45 PM

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