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    Well, I ventured away from the house to visit a fast food joint at around 9m,...placed my order,...sent a text,...then tracked my way back home. To make a long story short,...I realized that I had 1)misplaced my PP,...I searched around the house,...turned on my BT to see if it connects. I then checked the car,...and no PP still. I realized now that I must have left it on the counter at the restaurant. I Googled them for a number,...called and no one answered. That figured,,..as it's now well past 11m. I decided to go online and see what services Blackberry offered,...and quickly discovered that I could do a number of things,...like: Locate my Device,...Play a Sound!,...Display a Message,...Lock Device and the finally, "Wipe Device". I decided to send a message and lock it,...even though I know it goes into secure mode at 30 minutes.

    I hope they are open by 8:am....as I sure hate being without my Passport. At least I know it's still at the same location.

    Props to Blackberry...

    04-28-15 11:11 PM
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    My sister misplaced her Z30 this summer. I was able to locate the phone (she'd left it in the cupholder of her seat at a football game) and lock it for her with a message of how to return it to her if the cleaning staff found it.

    Luckily it did not rain, and she was able to get back in the stadium the next morning and retrieve it. Great peace of mind knowing it was simply misplaced and not stolen.

    Posted via CB10
    04-28-15 11:34 PM

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