1. RafiqK's Avatar
    Love how he explains how efficient and fast the Physical keyboard is with the gestures and virtual keyboard.

    Can't wait to get my hands on my Passport by the end of this month

    Posted via CB on my BlackBerry Z30
    10-15-14 05:19 PM
  2. GP540's Avatar

    In Squircle I Trust
    10-15-14 05:26 PM
  3. dbsCabral's Avatar
    am waiting for the white one now that's for sure

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-14 05:35 PM
  4. SPNKr's Avatar
    I have a white Q and Z 10 , skipped on the white Z30 from Verizon, but this time around I think i might go with the Black Passport.....but white sure does look sexy!
    10-15-14 06:00 PM
  5. iSuni's Avatar
    Does look nice. Happy with my all Black though!

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-14 06:50 PM
  6. Michael Ames1's Avatar
    I know its personal but not liking the white version. Just doesn't seem blackberry-ish.
    10-15-14 07:25 PM
  7. aha's Avatar
    Not for me.

    Posted via CB10 with Z30STA100-5/
    10-15-14 07:51 PM
  8. lang007's Avatar
    I am liking the white. Nice review also
    10-15-14 08:04 PM

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