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    I'm a Samsung Galaxy Note3 user, I left my Z10 for mostly Google services and the eco system, the move was hard but tbh after supporting BB for years, I thought they were gone after the Z30 flop I thought it was all over. But then a certain BlackBerry Passport hit my CrackBerry app, I was stunned it was beautiful and had specs which could belong in a high end Android phone and it ran BB10, which in most instances is better than Android. I loved the look of 10.3, I left after about the third leak and it looked horrible back then. I certainly loved the look of the Passport but I though same old.. No one will buy it! But then I heard BlackBerry had made the decision to sell its device SIM Free on Amazon and the BB Store, genius! It's exploded on Amazon and they are making them as they get orders. John Chen knows his stuff with this, I heard it has amazing battery life too and with a 2.2GhZ Snapdragon chip with 3GB RAM it looked so promising. I'm overall very happy with BlackBerry recently and although I lost hope I feel John Chen, could just maybe, turn it around. Long live BB10. Maybe I'll be back.

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    10-28-14 05:38 PM
  2. gallopiton's Avatar
    Time will tell but so far looks like this device has surprised everyone, including BlackBerry itself...

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    10-28-14 05:44 PM
  3. AlfieBriggs's Avatar
    Indeed. Even BestBuy are stocking it with AT&T backtracking to sell it due to its high demand. Good for you, BlackBerry.

    Posted via my Galaxy Note 3
    10-28-14 05:48 PM
  4. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Why not get your hands on it?

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    10-28-14 05:51 PM
  5. AlfieBriggs's Avatar
    Cause I dont have a spare 500 at the moment will in the next month maybe but I want a Note4 also, tech why you gotta be so expensive

    Posted via my Galaxy Note 3
    10-28-14 05:57 PM
  6. bspence87's Avatar
    Thanks man, that really means a lot! *sniff*

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 05:59 PM
  7. robsteve's Avatar
    Indeed. Even BestBuy are stocking it with AT&T backtracking to sell it due to its high demand. Good for you, BlackBerry.

    Posted via my Galaxy Note 3
    Is BestBuy stocking it in the US? They have it in Canada, but in reality it is the carrier's phone they are stocking, not sold unlocked like on Amazon and ShopBlackBerry.

    If BestBuy is selling it unlocked in the USA, that is good news.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 06:07 PM
  8. bungaboy's Avatar
    The Z30 wasn't a flop. Still is an excellent mobile computing device.

    I will agree the lack of marketing it in a meaningful way was a flop.
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    10-28-14 06:13 PM
  9. stealthbob's Avatar
    I can not tell you how comfortable the physical keyboard experience is, I lost it when I went to the Z10...though it was gone forever.

    Its like coming home and finding those amazing comfy jeans you lost while reclining in that amazing lounge chair you loved and then turning on the TV and your favorite show of all time is on a marathon.

    ...oh yea I forgot, there is a fridge full of beer right next to the comfy chair and its a Friday and the house is empty for the night. :grin:

    Yea the PP is that comfortable to come back to....
    10-28-14 06:17 PM
  10. vpblaze's Avatar
    Hey OP. I was in the same boat. Long time BlackBerry user. Left after I was disgruntled with the lack of support for the PB and switch from the Q10 to the Note 2 then the Note 3.
    I have had the Passport for almost 2 weeks now and haven't looked back! I said this in an earlier thread, and it still stands. I haven't missed a single thing from my Note. The Passport handles everything I used to do with a breeze. And o how I missed the hub!!!

    I still have a Samsung Tablet which is my connection to the Play Store. With an Android tablet for browsing and entertainment, and having a BlackBerry for communication, I find its the best combo.

    I hope you find your way back, if you do it right, you won't be disappointed!

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    10-28-14 06:23 PM

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