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    If any of you live near Fairview Mall at Don Mills and Sheppard in Toronto, go visit the Telus store on the bottom floor and take a look at the pictures that were taken with the device today (November 9, 2014). Unfortunately, I didn't get a copy of it, but I thought I took one of the best pics ever. I was taking a panoramic pic of the store. On one side of the store, there was a huge ad for the iPhone 6. I'm sure many of you have seen the ad of the phone being shown horizontally. When I looked at the panoramic shot I took, the actual iPhone showed as being "bent". I was like "Wow, how did the Passport know". haha

    If anyone can get me a copy of that pic from the device, I would appreciate it. I doubt any of the Telus employees are on this forum, but if anyone gets the pic, please post it.

    11-09-14 06:19 PM
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    Edit: ah I'm not going to bother.

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    11-09-14 06:36 PM
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    there is something to see. And those that happen to be in the area can see it. So let them decide if they want to, as opposed to you speaking for everyone.
    11-09-14 08:23 PM

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