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    Hi - bought a passport last year from a refurb shop. I was able to install Google apps using snap and eventually got Google app store working. However removed it as I thought it was affecting battery life. Have not thought abnout installing third party apps untill today. When I tried to do it - following download of apk noticed the install button on top right was greyed out. Looked at the app manager and it says "installing apps from other sources is turned off by adminitrator".

    Not sure why this is happening. Anyone able to help?

    Just to be clear I cannot turn on "install from other sources tab" it is greyed out and says that "installing apps from other sources is turned off by adminitrator". But it definitely was working before. I bought the phone unlocked from a UK based shop that sells used phones.

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    01-02-16 08:51 AM
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    Go on settings-apps manager-installing apps and turn third party installation back on. Odd that it has turned off but might be the cause of your issues.

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    01-02-16 09:02 AM
  3. beeman10's Avatar
    Found out the problem. It was parental control. When it is on it will say administrator is stopping the other apps from being installed.

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-16 09:26 AM

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