05-02-17 03:16 AM
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    I got the Passport three days after launch and still in love with it. Not sure what you would need to do on it that it doesn't do or have an alternative for. Just wiped mine and updated then loaded from scratch and everything works snappy and perfectly. If there is something you want to do on it or a particular app just ask. I have no incentive to move to android any time soon.

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    04-05-17 10:10 PM
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    It show is playa!

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    04-05-17 10:47 PM
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    Given what you said. I wouldn't recommend it. I wouldn't nessasarily warn against it either.

    Facebook and WhatsApp on BB10 are not supported (or rather WhatsApp isn't very soon). One of the main benefits of the hub, clear organised messanging is diminished if you use the android versions, and there's no guarantees the work around like facebook lite (which is a decent workaround), or WhatsApp fixer, will continue to work.

    It may have suited social networking very well however, given the hub, were it not for this point.

    The interface is nice and simple, well thought out, easy to use, the hub is a nice feature + the passport is a very well rated device with a great screen. But if your main use is social apps.....bb10 is workable, but not ideal - some social function may at some point become unusable.

    There are more decent social apps in the chrome browser on desktop under extensions than their are on BBW.

    However the keyboard is ideal for social apps, as is the hub if you try to use BB native versions (like the paid app face10, and the free Instagram app). So you could go for it, try to set it up as native as you can and just hope that people continue to provide workaround should something like WhatsApp stops working.

    I think that video guide in the last page would be good, because it focuses on native apps.

    There is a benefit in having a large community, with some technical minds like this one. But you still could end up losing functionality for something like WhatsApp, at least temporarily whilst someone comes up with a fix/patch.

    For everything else you mentioned there is presently more than one option, both BB native and android. So most of those should get a reasonable experience for awhile. But the exact lifetime? Unknown. Developers could change their platform (like facebook), break older apps, and require a version higher than 4.3 to run the apk. Eventually it'll happen so broadly people will give up.

    But I don't think anyone can give you a timeline of how long that will take.

    I plan on keeping my BB10 device for another year probably.
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    04-06-17 04:53 AM
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    Does the passport come with Amazon's app store? I ask because I see it on some of the YouTube videos
    04-29-17 07:23 PM
  5. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    Does the passport come with Amazon's app store? I ask because I see it on some of the YouTube videos
    It does. App selection is OK, but it's there.

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    04-29-17 09:06 PM
  6. Mrs Williams1's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply...I know a little about the app selection because I own a Fire Tablet so I guess that gives me some idea on what might be available on the Passport concerning Android apps, I guess some people want a greater selection, I just want the Passport!
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    04-29-17 09:20 PM
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    Whatsapp for bb10 will stop working end of June. I am not sure if the android version would be still working as well. I have zero browser problems with the native browser, and Qbrowser pro and Browsie Browser are somehow helping me in case of problems.

    For FB I use the browser, or also FacePro. I do not use Instagram, but I think people are using it on BlackBerry without problems.

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    I'm still rocking a Passport/Classic combo alongside my iOS device for apps and other things that BB10 doesn't do.

    It can work. It's all about what your needs and limits are.

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    04-29-17 10:05 PM
  8. MontoyaOscar84's Avatar
    04-29-17 10:52 PM
  9. curves2000's Avatar
    For a lot of users the basic items that we use our smartphones for are web, emails, texts, instant messaging, calls and app.

    For BlackBerry 10 certain things are going slowly by the wayside as much as I hate to admit. I myself see maybe another year or 18 months left on my 6 month Passport depending on a few factors.

    More and more of my friends have left BBM and now use WhatsApp. I don't have WhatsApp and it won't work as far as we know past June of 2017. This is a double edge sword as you now lose BBM contacts and can't access WhatsApp or most popular IM platforms.

    Email: I run 2 accounts without any issues and I anticipate email to continue to work for a few years without any issue going forward.

    App Support: I have very few apps outside of some popular Canadian apps such as CTV News, The Score, TSN, Weather Network and a few other news apps etc. I loved the original Bloomberg App on BlackBerry 10 and almost needed it. I noticed it has changed a lot recently when I tried my Classic with almost no videos and on my Passport, it doesn't work. As more and more apps stop working, it will frustrate users.

    Calls and such will of course continue until you get to the point where you need new parts. Newer BlackBerry 10 devices such as Passport and Classic never sold in an insane amount of numbers so the parts supply and the shops being able to conduct the work may be come harder to come across. Phones such as the 9900 have such a large list of parts and accessories it's almost mind boggling. I know some stores selling 9900 devices that work perfectly for cheap, people don't even want to get the old phone fixed, just buy a new one for $15 and go on your way!

    The biggest thing though is the jealously factor and the ridicule factor for a lot of people. For years it was the BBOS vs BlackBerry 10 war on Crackberry than it was BlackBerry 10 vs the people who loved their Priv. It will come to the point where a lot of users who love their BlackBerry 10 devices will simply give up trying to get basic things to work and than move to the dreaded Android OS they hated for years and then they will brag. Lots and lots of my BlackBerry friends claimed they would never go Android or iOS and now I have several of them showing up with me to the local Crackberry meetup!

    In any event love your Passport for as long as you can and keep it as an emergency back up in case you switch devices or need a travel phone for going somewhere. I love my BlackBerry Passport and will continue using it proudly!

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    04-30-17 04:41 AM
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    to OP,

    My advice: If you got the itch to get the passport or any blackberry device, get it! you know what your getting, and as @The_Passporter stated above, there is alternatives for apps and the passport alone can do so much already. I don't think you would make a bad choice getting one ; ). A for me I use my Q10 for everything you listed you wanted to do except whatsapp and instagram bc I don't use them at all anymore.
    04-30-17 09:42 AM
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    I'm looking to use this phone like any other uni student. .
    Really? Cause when I was a student, along with all my friends and relatives as well, university meant classes started at 8:30 and didn't finish till 17:30 and if you were lucky a break for lunch. Then it was time for homework and projects and on a good day, you were in bed by 23:00, if not, 1:00 and then it was up at 6:00 to do it all over again.
    Class back then was something you attended to actually pay attention to the professor.

    As far as I know, the students in my faculty of my alma mater are still doing similar today. What kind of fun university do you and your friends attend?

    Chat? Facebook? You gotta be kidding...not if you actually want to graduate on time.
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    04-30-17 10:19 AM
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    I will buy ine gladly and pay no more than 100€
    For now here in Spain can be purchased from Wallapop app or any pawn shop for 150-200 (and up)
    My afraid its the screen lift ... thats why i never purchased one
    I will use it for calls ( digimobil offers for 10€ 400min on any international network and 2gb data ...)
    04-30-17 10:24 AM
  13. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    We still use it and it works great for email, calls, text, browsing, cam, awesome keyboard, and extremely long lasting battery

    I don't rely on apps on the passport too much, use iphone 7 plus and s7 edge for that and I can say that yes the passport is still usable and still fast for me
    05-02-17 03:16 AM
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