05-12-16 04:26 PM
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  1. ddk6's Avatar
    I have had my passport for about a year and a half, have loved it. Three days ago my phone started having issues staying connected to my mobile network (telus) says emergency calls only. My wifi is always off, though when I tested the phone wifi, blue tooth, etc all seem to be working just fine. just very sporadic almost non existent service, no phone calls no data etc. Telus changed my sim card thinking that was the issue, but there was no change with the phone. They said it was my phone/antenna and tried to up sell me a new phone. I think a year and a half is not a good life span for a phone that was almost $880.00 bucks new!
    05-09-16 05:06 PM
  2. Mark bb10's Avatar
    If you have only had the phone for 1yr 6mths I would get in touch with BlackBerry as it should still be under warranty for hardware.

    Posted via my magical Passport, keeping the dream alive Scotland Aye!
    05-09-16 05:36 PM
  3. ddk6's Avatar
    It looks like I will either have to replace my phone at my cost, or pay for repairs. As BB only warranties the hardware for 12 months. not ha happy Blackberry Camper.
    Left three twitter messages as well on Blackberry help. They never even bothered to message me back.
    05-12-16 04:26 PM
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