05-10-16 06:37 PM
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    Apps aren't my thing so that is never a decider for a phone.
    Form and function yes! - and I'm still impressed by the quality of calls even in low signal areas and the amazing range of what it can do. I'm still getting acquainted with this awesome workhorse.
    The more I use my PP, the easier it is to type. I'm a little person and it's not a strain to hold out to my ear to talk on the phone. The clarity of the calls is impressive. Of course, I use earbuds for interviews so I have my hands free for notes -- even when I have it on speaker phone to record.
    All the whining and stuff - so silly. You either enjoy the ride with this magnificent piece of technology and design or you don't.
    Hi Ho silver!!!!!

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    05-10-16 06:37 PM
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