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    When connecting my Passport to BB Link it gets connected. But it's not opening in Link. So it's not possible to sync contacts, etc. I reinstalled Link/Blend. It didn't work. Wireless connection with Blend is fine. Who can help me out?
    10-26-14 10:48 AM
  2. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Hi Bart.

    I made sure I had the latest version of Link before connecting the Passport to my laptop. is the latest version as of Oct. 23, 2014.

    Make sure you have that one... (unless a newer one has been released by the time you read this).

    After installing the new version of Link, I opened Link.

    With Link open, I then plugged in the Passport via USB. And Link recognized it within moments.

    On my Asus laptop, there are 4 usb ports. One of them is marked with a special symbol that looks like a lightening bolt. That usb port will not recognize a BB phone. But all the other ones do... maybe that is your issue. Perhaps try one of your other usb ports.

    Plus, I always found it confusing whether Link was using the usb connection or the wifi connection to my device. Certain functions in Link only work if the phone is connected via usb. So, to make sure this is not an issue, I always turn off wifi on the phone before starting Link.
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    10-26-14 12:55 PM

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