1. tonytonez's Avatar
    will a unlocked blackberry passport work on metro pcs and will you get 4g lte
    06-16-16 09:51 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    The new Metro PCS is part of T-Mobile's network.

    Seems like the unlocked Passport is missing one LTE Band, but I don't remember anyone having issues on T-Mobile.
    06-16-16 09:58 AM
  3. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    When you go to get it, don't bring the device in. MetroPCS doesn't actively support BlackBerry. I tried to bring my Z10 into the store and it couldn't be activated. Some people have had success giving them an android IMEI and then just putting the sim into the PP.

    Good luck

     Posted via my Red Passport SQW100-1/ 
    06-16-16 10:30 AM
  4. tonytonez's Avatar
    UP DATE.i bought unlocked blackberry passport i called metro pcs it works awsome blazing 4g lte
    08-01-16 08:09 PM
  5. mmednick1's Avatar
    How is lte? I think it is missing band 12. I'm waiting for my PPSE to get delivered today, then I am going to hook it up on Metro.
    08-03-16 06:24 AM
  6. mmednick1's Avatar
    Well I hooked it up with metro and it works perfect. Just in case someone is interested

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-16 01:02 PM
  7. tonytonez's Avatar
    it works there are places where i get edge alot i an getting dteck50
    08-08-16 03:21 PM

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