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    Some people never cease to amaze me...even those I do not care to know their comments about the new BlackBerry Passport.

    The device is NOT Square. Most of you learned shapes as a kid and if you seem to forget what a square looks like, well, all the sides are of equal length. Get it?? The Passport is not. It still maintains the rectangular form factor that most mobile devices made to standard. Is the Apple tablet or Samsung Tab square? Why are they not ugly as well? I am pretty sure if any of the two had call capabilities some of you would hold it up to your heads.

    The form factor is different, hence the name BlackBerry Passport. It is not ugly. My Australian neither my Dominican Passport is ugly. Both are the same size and fit in the wallet. Either passport I can hold in any hand comfortably. I do not see the BlackBerry Passport posing any difficulty in being embraced and nurtured. I will give it a warm cuddly feeling. It will surely get a hand job when I lay my hand on it.

    But some of you complain about it is pointy corners and not round. It is too large to hold in 1 hand. It is not ergonomically correct...Blah...blah...blah. How many of you have a Passport and I do not refer to that of BlackBerry? How many of you have a passport as a form of ID? Insulting as it may sound, not many of you have never left your country, as to even own a passport.

    So you do, then get a good feel of your passport in one hand and pretend that you are holding the new BlackBerry Passport. Let your imagination run wild and get a feel for the softness and freshness of device.

    So what the next complain or negative press is going to be, if not said already; the specs!!!

    Far out!!!

    Mate, keep your negative comments and let the device hit the market. Await the numbers and then you will confirm your point. Till then shut up and put up!!
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    06-29-14 07:46 PM
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    The Passport subforum is here for people to discuss their thoughts, opinions, and for perhaps a lucky few, experiences with the device. The QWERTY phablet form factor is new and unique, and as such, opinions will be polarized. And that's OK, provided that opinions and discussions are within forums rules.
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    06-29-14 08:42 PM

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