1. Nurul Ilmi's Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    Currently I am using Z10, however I am kind of confuse in choosing blackberry passport or classic? I prefer to buy blackberry classic because I need to type a lot, and i believe keyboard in classic is 100 times better than passport..the only thing that holding me back is, the specification in classic is almost the same as my z10, so it's no point for me to buy new phone with the same specification as i have.

    what do you think guys? should i just go for passport?


    Konveksi Tas Selempang
    09-30-17 08:03 AM
  2. Invictus0's Avatar
    If you need apps you should avoid both devices (a Keyone or Priv might be better in that case). Otherwise it's just down to form factor and price, some users like the Passport's three row keyboard while others prefer the four row keyboard on the Classic. Specs won't matter much if you don't like the core typing experience on the device.
    09-30-17 10:35 AM

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