1. will308's Avatar
    hi all
    has anybody been able to buy the cases for passport leather flip or hard case .....been looking but all uk sites are still down as pre order
    09-29-14 11:11 AM
  2. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    Have you tried eBay?


    " I do not think that word means what you think it means. "
    09-29-14 11:24 AM
  3. LoneStarRed's Avatar

    " I do not think that word means what you think it means. "
    09-29-14 11:25 AM
  4. will308's Avatar
    Rapid Car Charger Leather Vertical Clip Case for Blackberry Passport | eBay

    " I do not think that word means what you think it means. "
    yes already looked there but its not the hard case and also there is nothing on there from the uk its all overseas
    09-29-14 12:15 PM
  5. rickburke's Avatar
    So, I went to the mall this weekend to look at actual passport cases to see if I could find any that would work as a good case for my Passport. I found two good options, the first being the Tumi Delta for $115 and the second being the Magellan's Leather RFID Passport Cover for $35. I liked the Tumi better as there are two different ways to store the Passport and it fits better than the Magellan, and the leather is nicer. However, since I was just looking for cover for immediate protection until real Passport cases start arriving, and since the luggage store was offering 25% off the Magellan I went with that option. I still might look for the Tumi if it goes on sale at some point as it could double as a wallet and Passport case/cover.
    10-06-14 01:06 PM
  6. Krustycarl's Avatar
    Third party seller on amazon UK apparently has the hard shell. 14.99 with free del.
    10-06-14 01:15 PM

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