Hi every one!.

    I just got my BB Passport 9 days ago. I bought it from ShopBlackberry. I think this device i got has issues with the Battery as i found that it just don't deliver all the hour Blackberry says it would last.

    The first day i got, i plug it to my PC and transfer my backup from my previous phone a Z30. Then i left the Passport charge over the night until 6 AM when i unplugged it and headed to work. I used the phone a while during my commute to work in the morning and then a couple of time to responde some Whatsapp and Facebook messages, then it just rested on my desk. Then by 2PM the phone already had 50% battery. When i left the work around 4:30 pm on my way home i used the phone again listening music and reading a PDF book. By the time i got home the phone was in 20 %. I said to myself what the heck!.. This phone is just giving me a couple of hour more than my Z30. I checked devise monitor and the apps with highsest battery % were the System and Display, then followed by the Android player and Hub.

    I don't know if that is normal. I also noticed that the phone gets warm around the area where the volume buttons are located and the back f the phone near that area. i had the same batteryperformance for the following 3 days. I thought that this performance might has been because the phone was still syncing all my stuff as i restored everthing from my Z30 backup. But then at the 4th day again i got the same battery performance. Right after unplugging the phone from the charger i go to Device monitor and the battery life just says 8 hours.

    The next i did was to reduce the display to less than half, and disable the run while minimized and run in the background almost to all the apps that had it. I have a couple of Androids apps (The Play store suggested by this Cobalts developer), and the Google Maps. I alo have Pizza Pizza app, the Rebee app, Kindle and Kobo app, the Amazon store and the Amazon app. Those are my Adroid apps.

    I contacted the Blackberry support to let them know about the Battery performance i was having and sent them a Snapshotlog of my phone with several pictures of the Device Monitor battery graph at certain points during day. Then they came back saying that the phone and battery were working as expected. They recommended me that if the low batter performance continues, then to do a security wipe, which i did this Thursday, then restored my content from a backup i did of the Passport.

    I'm still getting low battery performance. Today for example i just got like 9.5 hours before i had to put the phone to charge around 7:49 pm, after a full charge during the night and i unplugged it this morning at 9:00 a.m. (See attached image)Blackberry Passport Battery issues?-img_20161022_195127.jpg

    I love this phone, but having such this bad battery performance is making me consider to return it and get something else. I don't know if you guys have better battery life, something longer than 9 or 10 hours a day.

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who respond this post.
    10-22-16 09:51 PM
  2. hilmishahir96's Avatar
    Try soft reboot. Holding both up & down button until the logo came out. If that doesn't work, give it more time, I need about 2 week++ before the battery life last 2 days.

    via BlackBerry P A S S P O R T | Original Gangster
    10-22-16 10:30 PM
  3. Farzeen25's Avatar
    Yup, I know your concerns. You will have to give it two weeks or more for it to stabilise. The less android runtime is being used, the more the battery life. But, trust me, you will have to wait until the two week mark period. It will suffice all your battery need. :-)

    Posted via the king of smartphones - Blackberry Passport ;-)
    10-22-16 11:18 PM
    OK, thanks. I'll give it more time. It's just frustrating . This is the average I got today after un plugging it this morning at 8:30 am, after being plugged charging for over 12 hrs and with the phone off.

    It will just last 5hrs.

    Blackberry Passport Battery issues?-img_20161023_085159.png
    Blackberry Passport Battery issues?-img_20161023_084619.png

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-16 07:55 AM
  5. shawnreum's Avatar
    Should only need about one week for the phone to stabilize.

    Keep active frames closed.

    Try staying away from Android apps that require colbolts work around.

    I stick to BlackBerry world or Amazon apps for my needs. And get an average of 8 to 19 hours depending on my usage. I can squeeze 36 hours out of the phone with very minimal usage.

    Also see if you can figure out what the manufacture date is. If it's old, then I might think of returning the phone. Only reason why, batteries shelf life decreases performance. Even if the phone was built 2 years ago but brand new phone, your going to get bad battery life compared to one manufactured 8 months ago.
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    10-23-16 09:32 PM
  6. dmlis's Avatar
    I absolutely agree with recommendation to be selective and careful with Android apps.

    Just to share. Typical week of travelling with little calling and usual flow of emails. 3G networks. Power saving = bedtime mode on.
    From 22:24 Monday to 01:45 Thursday.

    Blackberry Passport Battery issues?-img_20161027_014859.jpg
    Blackberry Passport Battery issues?-img_20161027_014910.jpg
    10-27-16 08:45 AM
  7. buckshot_88's Avatar
    Luckily any Passport I had, had a beast of a battery life. Im a fairly heavy user and I usually always had 20-40 percent battery life left at the end of the night. Id wager i could have had 50 percent if I wasnt so glued to my phone all the time.
    10-27-16 08:50 AM

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