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    I've got a few specfic apps that don't seem to run properly on my Blackberry Passport. I could use some assistance with WatchESPN, HBOGo, ShoAnytime, and Starz. While attempting to run these specific apps, the display states that it "won't run without Google Play Services". I've encountered these messages before...I'm familiar with it. I've never been able to actually find a way or found any installation package of Google Play Services that'll work with my Passport. I could use some assistance in actually getting Google Play Services installed, running on my Passport. Is there a work around or a source of these specific apps that have been modified that'll run on my Passport. [ WatchESPN, HBOGo, ShoAnytime, & Starz ] I recently downloaded MLB At Bat, finally got it to run on my Passport. For whatever reason it previously wouldn't run due to Google Play Services but the recent, updated version finally was able to run and work smoothly. I'll be satisfied if I could finally get these specific apps listed to work properly on my Passport. Thank you.

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    Try this:

    Credit Cobalt:

    ForumBlackBerry 10 Phones & OSMore for your BlackBerry 10 Phone!Android Apps (Amazon Store & APK Files)
    How to patch Android Apps depending on Google Maps and Google Play Services
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    Play Services Patcher (formerly GMaps Patcher)

    Use this tool to patch Android apps that display the error message "Google Play Services is not supported on your device". The tool removes signature checks from the app, allowing it to work together with my pre-patched Google Play Services. You can download the pre-patched Google Play Services here:

    Does this work with all apps?
    The success rate of the patcher is very high, but there are some apps that can't be patched. This is not because the patcher doesn't work, it's rather because the app is blocked by the developer to run on the Blackberry Android runtime. An example for this is SnapChat, which is blocked by the developer.

    Some examples of successfully patched Android apps:
    Allmost all Google apps (Maps, Youtube, Music, etc), Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hailocab, Adidas Micoach, Lyft, Glympse, Strava Running, Google My Tracks, Football Italia, Paypal and many more.

    How do I patch my Android app?
    Download and unzip Play Services Patcher to a folder and then run it. Select the desired Android app (apk file) and press the Analyze button. The patcher will do it's magic and create a patched version in the \output folder. Copy the patched apk file to your Blackberry device and then install it as usual. Remember that you must have installed my pre-patched Google Play Services on the device for this to work.

    Do not attempt patch the following apps (it simply won't work):
    * Google Play Services
    * Google Play Store
    * Goolge Play Games

    These apps require a special treatment and can only be patched by myself. If you want to use those apps, you can download the pre-patched versions from my Google Apps landing page:

    Important notes
    If you run Play Services Patcher for the first time, you'll have to verify the Java path in the "Path" tab. The default path may not be correct for your setup. The path MUST end with Java.exe as shown in the example below:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_40\bin\java.exe

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_40\bin\

    Download Link Play Services Patcher
    Download Play Services Patcher 1.4 [Released November 15, 2015]

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    Name: Play Services Patcher.PNG
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    Backup old Version 1.3.1:

    Confused, frustrated and needing more detailed help? Look at this post for step by step help, before posting a question.
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