1. qelroy's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forums, but i am now a proud owner of a Blackberry Passport, i never had a Blackberry before, since i'm from Europe, Denmark and here we don't any any Blackberry phones sadly, it's either Samsung (Galaxy series) or iPhones, not alot of people are using Sony, and i would say, 1% of Denmark has/uses Blackberry.

    None the less, i got tired of my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, so now i'm using the Blackberry Passport, and loving it so far.

    My question, before i forget all about that, i just installed 9gag, and as soon as a gif comes up, i press the small logo in the middle, and instead of showing the gif, it shows a small blue logo in the middle, perhaps indicating that i am missing something?

    Anyone had this problem before?

    Thanks for this forum!

    Best regards, Alex.
    04-11-16 12:27 PM
  2. LSDBerry's Avatar
    Reply deleted because i didnt read the post
    04-11-16 12:48 PM
  3. DetritalGeo's Avatar
    Yeah, there are a few gifs that don't seem to work. If they won't fix it you can always load up cobalt's play store and use the android version.

    Posted via CB10
    04-11-16 12:53 PM
  4. qelroy's Avatar
    Hey LSDBerry,

    I am using the application from Blackberry World,

    And i'm not sure if i understand what you mean with doctor installing imgur :-( sorry

    Thank you for your answer!
    04-11-16 12:54 PM
  5. qelroy's Avatar
    As a new member, i don't know what "cobalt's play store" is, is it on the forums, if yes i will be searching for it myself :-)
    04-11-16 12:55 PM
  6. LSDBerry's Avatar
    Hey LSDBerry,

    I am using the application from Blackberry World,

    And i'm not sure if i understand what you mean with doctor installing imgur :-( sorry

    Thank you for your answer!
    I was being an ignorant, pretentious *****.

    Posted via CB10
    04-11-16 12:56 PM
  7. Blackerthanblack's Avatar
    Cobalt's Play Store is the successful implementation of the Google Play Store (plus Google Services) on BlackBerry 10. You can easily find it with a search and the process to get it installed is not that complicated. It gives you more options over the Android apps you have (or want) besides the Amazon App Store.

    I also used the native 9gag app, but then switched to the browser because the experience is better. You can go to the website and create a shortcut by clicking on Fj til startskrm. That way gifs work well.

    What city are you from? I'm from Odense
    BlackBerry Passport, 9gag can't show gifs?-img_20160411_201520.png

    Posted via my Black Passport
    04-11-16 01:16 PM
  8. qelroy's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your answer, i am from rhus myself :-) but my brother lives in Odense, very nice place!

    Are you using Cobalt's yourself?

    And i don't know if i were lying a bit too much Blackerthanblack, about how many people who actually used Blackberry in our country?
    04-11-16 01:24 PM
  9. Blackerthanblack's Avatar
    I'm not using it cause I don't need Android apps. If I use any, I usually get them through the Amazon app store or random searching on the net. Generally Android apps tend to drain the battery faster.

    About what you said, I really have no idea, probably BlackBerrys belong to business men mostly or enterprises. I only saw 2 people with a BlackBerry here (a colleague at SDU with a 9780 and a guy in a suit talking to a 9900) but that's it. I have 5 BlackBerry phones myself and a Sony and I'm planning on getting more devices to have a collection.

    Posted via my Black Passport
    04-11-16 01:32 PM
  10. qelroy's Avatar
    When i got my first smartphone back in the days, i also thought to myself, damn, i'll install half of the Google Play store, since i'll be playing alot of games the whole time (sure, even with full employment, lol)

    After a while, i didn't really care about games anymore, now it was more about forums and talking to people, and that rythm just kept going, my old Samsung S5 "broke down" it kept restarting and i had lots of problems with it, and got tired of it eventually, so i went down to "TDC" 's store, and bought myself the S6 Edge, and... well, i didn't restart, but i kept reminding myself about the old days, where Nokia 3310 was in place, there were no touch screen, and if you wanted to write an SMS to someone, you had to press alot of buttons to get the right words in, and i missed that alot, hence the reason why i got the Blackberry Passport now.

    But i agree with you, i have seen perhaps two or more Blackberry's in Denmark, let alone them being combined with a business man :-)

    Also, the part about the collection sounds nice, good luck with that project!
    04-11-16 02:13 PM
  11. Blackerthanblack's Avatar
    Thanks! How did you get the Passport? I ordered it from the UK last year. I went to FONA with it to buy a new sim card and gave it to a guy to install it himself just to see the look on his face ))

    Posted via my Black Passport
    04-11-16 02:33 PM
  12. qelroy's Avatar
    Haha i could imagine his face, when you gave the Passport to him, most people don't believe in the size either, it's called "Passport" for a reason :-P

    Well, i also looked into eBay, and was thinking of getting one from the UK as well, but a few days ago at work, i searched on "Den Bl Avis" and found two Passports, one for 1200,- kr and the other for 1900,- kr - both of them in a distance i couldn't drive to, so it had to be sent.

    But i went with the one for 1200,- kr, i got told it would be in a very nice condition, and barely used.

    So it got sent thursday, and i got the tracking number from GLS, and i waited, and waited, looked at the tracking number "Arrived in Kolding" and i was like "Noooooooooooooooooo, no Passport for me this weekend" luckely i am off on mondays from work, so it arrived today at around 11:00, so i have had alot of time getting used to the phone, and i'm loving it so far!
    04-11-16 02:38 PM
  13. Blackerthanblack's Avatar
    Man that's one hell of a good deal!
    I bought it from eBay, new, and paid close to 4.000kr for it, right before Christmas I think, I know I was very excited and hoped that the holidays wouldn't get in the way of the delivery.

    Funny thing is, I bought the official hardcase before the actual phone, to get a sense of its size. In the package, it didn't look big, but in hand, wow! It felt massive! I've been in love with it ever since.

    I was even thinking about picking up a white one, just for the fun of switching between colours, but unfortunately I have to also "adult" and make rational decisions before immediately bowing to the impulse. I hate it!

    Anyway, I didn't really think you could find stuff this cheap in Dk, I wouldn't have associated low prices with this country, lol.
    Usually I'm haunting the listings on eBay UK, but maybe I should take a look at something local! I hope you enjoy your phone and keep reading here on tips & tricks, it's a really cool device.

    Just try to ignore the whole mass hysteria with "BlackBerry is dead/kill Chen/why is my spaghetti cold" because crackberry, from a really cool community, has become (with a few exceptions) an almost unbearable place of gathering for trolls and insult machines.

    Posted via my Black Passport
    04-12-16 01:09 AM

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