1. ahhhlain's Avatar
    I recently observed this strange ( at least for me) beaviour of the BlackBerry native browser.

    Before, I am able to load links and open them through multiple tabs. These tabs will load up the webpages for my view immediately or whenever I can. These few days, when I leave the browser to multitask, or leave the phone idle for a few minutes, when I come back and click on each of these multiple tabs, these tabs do not display the web pages I was in initially. It would refresh again and I would end up waiting for these to be reloaded. Its like only 1 tab is loaded and the rest will reload after reopening them.

    I didnt have this issue 5 months ago. The BlackBerry is receiving decent internet connection and all but it it pains that it the browser has to reload webpages again when I am expecting that it has been fully reloaded.

    Anyone with similar experience?

    BlackBerry OS 10 Browser Navigation Issues-img_20161123_105317.png
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    Posted via CB10
    11-22-16 08:59 PM
  2. S1lv1o's Avatar
    Strange. Just tried it, mine seems to be working perfectly. Maybe it's a problem with a specific site?
    11-22-16 09:09 PM
  3. ahhhlain's Avatar
    Strange. Just tried it, mine seems to be working perfectly. Maybe it's a problem with a specific site?
    Nope. Tried multiple sites. It has the same issue. Bummer. Be it the standard browser and the private one.

    Posted via CB10
    11-22-16 10:03 PM
  4. vptsff's Avatar
    I got same problem! Even the native browser hang a little bit!
    I even noticed that some apps restarted themselves and android apps turned off unexpectedly!

    I opened a thread and a member here replied that I need to wipe or have a fresh OS installation

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-16 01:18 AM
  5. andy957's Avatar
    I think there's a forum where questions about BB10 are answered. Might be better if you ask or search there.
    11-23-16 08:03 PM

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