11-20-14 07:32 PM
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    I have been saying this in the USA for a while now. My carrier T Mobile is no longer licensed to sell Blackberry devices anymore and the sales folks do nothing but tell folks the brand is dead and no one uses them anymore.

    So going to them for anything is a total waste of time. I showed off my passport at a T Mobile store last week and as much as the folks there loved the device, it didn't take long for some salesperson to start talking bad about the brand and telling everyone that nobody wants them anymore and they are going under.

    Unless Blackberry can change the mentally of the young folks and carriers here, I don't see anything changing anytime soon.
    That's the problem. They really have no costumer support (what they do have by industry standard isn't very efficient or consumer friendly) as they rely heavily on carrier support which is nonexistence in the US.

    For those of us who bought our phones directly from BlackBerry via Shop BlackBerry, we are in the worst position if we need warranty work.

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    This is correct.

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    11-17-14 01:58 PM
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    If you don't know how to do a part of your business, you need hire an outside vendor that knows how. If you don't know how to Market /Advertise your product to accomplish a specific goal, hire one of the great Ad Agencies we have in the USA that have helped others get past the rough spots. Trying to use an ad to sell your product (which they barely do) is not always the only way to make an impact. Apple and others mostly use their ads to make their products "cool", so that a bunch of idiots will sleep outside on every opening day to get the same exact phone they already have just because in has a new model number, or now it has Siri! It's all about perception. No one wants to look like they are not cool or current.


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    11-17-14 02:21 PM
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    Waiting until after the launch of your flagship of flagship devices is hardly addressing the issue.

    As long as BlackBerry devices are not available in North America it stands to reason there won't be many sales, huh? Thanks for the Catch-22 logic.

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    11-20-14 03:20 PM
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    This game is soon to at end, networks tried to lock phones to their network only. But soft sim means the maker can provide a sim card meaning this claw back profit plan is pre emptied, so we wait too see if the networks survive will a network take on a company like apple. It could be beta max all over.
    I'm envisioning vending machines and pop up shops. I'm predicting the security situation on the internet will lead to a decline in online eventually you already see companies selling at a loss to own the market.
    11-20-14 07:32 PM
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