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    BlackBerry Ltd scores new top 10 investor as Ontario Teachers buys 7.8 million shares | Financial Post

    Saw this on the Financial Post late Friday afternoon. Great to see some strong support from Canadian investors!

    Ontario Teachers? Pension Plan bought almost 7.8 million shares of BlackBerry Ltd. in the third quarter, giving John Chen?s turnaround plan another vote of confidence.

    The retirement fund is now one of the Waterloo-based smartphone maker?s top 10 holders with 8.23 million shares as of Sept. 30, according to a regulatory filing today. The 1.6% stake is valued at about $84.5 million, based on yesterday?s closing stock price.

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    11-07-14 04:13 PM
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    Smart... pension plan knows how to make money....

    This is a very strong vote of confidence in Blackberry indeed!

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    11-07-14 04:17 PM
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    Absolutely huge for BlackBerry

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    11-07-14 04:32 PM
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    11-07-14 06:41 PM
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    Very good sign!
    11-07-14 07:48 PM
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    Will all teachers get Passports? Awesome!

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    11-07-14 11:10 PM

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