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    Just got a new computer and installed BlackBerry Link.
    When my phone is plugged in, BlackBerry Link detects my phone but when it's unplugged, the phone does not stay connected.
    On my old computer, as long as my computer and device are on the same network, the device automatically connects to BlackBerry Link.

    Passport is running most up-to-date software (.2474) and my computer is running Windows 10 with the Link software downloaded from BlackBerry website.

    Any ideas?
    11-04-15 10:14 PM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    On your device..in settings.. hit "media Sharing" and make sure everything is on!
    In Link on the fist page make sure "turn on wireless connections" is checked'!

    Other than that.it's a driver issue. use your cable between the phone and computer and if Link still doesn't recognize your device.(which you already said it did) Reboot them both. You should reboot your devise very frequently anyway.
    And lastly.. if all else fails uninstall link and down load and install a fresh one. Also, when's the last time you cleaned your device. a can of condensed air will clean out all the dust and anything that may be causing problems. It's always the little things that we forget about

    But it's probably just a a box that needs to be checked or a button that need to be turned on! It also won't hurt to reboot your modem and router!

    In Most cases rebooting always fixes the problem.

    And the most stable and up to date software is OS

    If you're waiting for your carrier to put it out There's; a good chance you'll wear your phone out waiting !

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    11-04-15 11:45 PM

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