1. JALUK's Avatar
    I have question with regards the Hub which is like like a generic BB10 question rather than specific to the Passport SE I am using.

    I have several email accounts setup on the Hub. A couple of private ones I have had for a long time and a couple of work ones (personal and a generic sales email account), not unlike many others I would suspect.

    There are times when an email comes into 'sales' when I would want the reply to come from 'me' and when a reply comes into' me' and I would want the reply to come from 'sales'. I find however that I cannot change the email 'Account' on the reply. It is fixed.

    However on my personal iCloud account when I hit reply I can choose from any of the email accounts I have setup ie. iCloud, the other personal Account (Gmail) and the 2 work accounts.

    I've searched high and low for a way to achieve the same for the other accounts but cannot find anything. I have no idea why this seems to work for my iCloud Account but not for the other accounts !

    Any help appreciated !
    08-12-16 08:06 AM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    I didn't know that was even possible in any situation. However, if you hit FORWARD instead of REPLY, you can change the account.
    (Afterwards, if you wish, you can change the "FW:" in the subject line to "Re:")
    08-12-16 08:35 AM
  3. JALUK's Avatar
    Yes, I know, but if you have several people in CC then you have to re-add them all so it is painful, and as I say this already works for my iCloud account, just not for the other accounts I have there so the functionality exists I just don't know how to change the setting to make it work for the other email accounts there.
    08-12-16 09:21 AM
  4. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Understood. Not sure why that option was removed. I haven't found a way to do it yet.

    I like my coffee  BlackBerry black! What?
    08-15-16 09:14 AM
  5. 93Aero's Avatar
    When you go to reply to any email and the CC shows, on my device it has a few of my email options if the one you want to use doesn't show.

    Just touch on the empty CC pane then when the cursor displays just type the first few letters of the email you want to reply with and the full email address will show.

    Passport SQW100-1/, Q10 SQN100-5/, Classic SQC100-4/
    08-18-16 11:07 PM

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