1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Using BB Passport, updated to the latest release.
    I was able to set up Google Contacts using CardDav, it sync'd once and stooped.
    If I try to update the setting (change frequency of sync, update Google password, etc..) I get the following:
    Error in RPC transaction with 1436098722-CardDavProvider.

    I removed the Google Contacts from accounts and started all over again.
    And yes, it sync'd once and stopped.

    What is going wrong?

    Many Thanks
    07-06-15 09:42 AM
  2. aabousei's Avatar
    I had been having been having these issues while roaming in Germany.
    As soon as I landed in Dubai I was able to set up CardDav with no issues.
    Could it have something to do with the network? But my mail with working fine while roaming ..

    I can't explain this but at least now my BB is syncing correctly.
    07-10-15 05:06 AM

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