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    (edit) this is BlackBerry Passport SE.

    First question, how do I get to my saved bookmarks? Can't seem to find them.

    Second, for example, i'm on facebook website and I click a video to watch and the video plays and expands full screen. Then turns out video is long and sucks, how can I go back, or stop the video without closing the browser? If I wait until the end, the video reduces in size and back on the facebook page. I can pause the video, but that's all. Sometimes I want to fast forward or rewind or just stop it but can't until either the end of the video or I close the browser.

    Love this phone, but wish there was an Android version. Love bb10 too, but the lack of app support is starting to show itself.
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    05-19-17 05:59 PM
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    BlackBerry Browser.. no need to close it to stop/pause,rewind or close video..
    While in the Browser on the Bottom Left tap on overlapping square box symbol. The bookmarks (Bookmarks,history,private browsing,new tab) are all on the following menu that pops up.
    The Bottom Right [...] menu will find you your [downloads] and [settings] as well.

    VIDEO (youtube) FULLSCREEN
    Make controls visible - tap once on screen, controls will appear and disappear.
    Drag Circle/dot on the time-line to the desired time.

    Swipe down from the top edge of the screen, will take video out of full-screen mode.
    05-19-17 07:00 PM
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    You didn't say which BB10 model phone you have (always start with this information in a new post), but if it's a Q10 or Classic, you can click the "K" on the keyboard to pull up bookmarks in your browser. To get out of the fullscreen videos, click the lower left of the screen to get the Back arrow and click it to get back to the browser page.
    05-19-17 07:14 PM
  4. Jack Lope's Avatar
    This is on BlackBerry Passport.

    Thanks for bookmarks tip! Got it.

    As for the video issue, youtube works fine. The problem I have is when watching clicking and watching a video posed on facebook or a messageboard. There are no options to stop, rewind, fast-forward or resize the video. I've tried swiping every direction and pressed every key and the only ones that do anything are space bar and enter. Both of which just pause the video. Volume works too.

    Here is a couple video screenshot examples. You can see there are no controls at the bottom and I find no way of getting them.

    Also attached a video screenshot from youtube which works fine and does have the controls at the bottom of the video when I need them.
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    05-20-17 02:13 PM
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    As in previous response stated: when in fullscreen video mode with no controls showing, get out of it by swyping down from top.

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    05-20-17 02:22 PM

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