05-18-15 04:44 PM
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    Unfortunately I can't reciprocate by explaining the concept of humour.

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    LMAO that was a thing of beauty.
    05-18-15 02:40 PM
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    shhhhhhhh.... quiet everyone...!!! yep, i hear the android people coming with hoaxes asking for your head OP... don't worry, the three of us here with a BB will defend you while we can...
    05-18-15 03:09 PM
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    So say you. Acknowledgments and declarations are one thing, execution is another. You say you have friends with S4s that have been updated to Lollipop, I have friends and colleagues with the same devices that have not been updated to Lollipop because the update is not yet available. And you have only mentioned one product line. You must have forgotten about the older Note lines and the Galaxy Tab, Tab Pro, and Tab S tablet lines that are capable of running Lollipop but do not have it yet. Even if Samsung were to roll-out Lollipop for all of their older, yet qualified devices in the next five minutes...they are still 6 months behind.

    Not even Apple drags on software that bad, Blackberry either as far as I know. I spent a good deal of time with Samsung as an end user and a technician, so I know of what I speak.

    Even on their television sets, Samsung is notorious for dragging on crucial software updates. Every week I have to literally apologize to customers who have purchased $1-2500 Samsung 3D and 4K Smart TVs whose TVs are going from smart to dumb as the "Smart Hub" loses one app after another after another. Most times I have to flash their TV and remove the "wonderful" software update that Samsung provided just to get the smart functions that they spent thousands of dollars for operational again.

    And don't even get me started on their last update f**kup that killed the DNS locking on their TVs forcing customers to have to use Google's DNS server as a bypass.

    So even Samsung's big ticket customers are flipped the bird. So good luck convincing someone like me who has seen Samsung's dirty laundry about their benevolence when it comes to after sales support and maintenance on their phones, TVs and who knows what else. I know their heavy machinery division is legendary for creating phenomenal construction equipment, cranes and other types of industrial heavy machinery...it's a shame they don't apply such diligence to their consumer divisions.

    -- Passport, VMO, Toronto CA
    Actually you can see the devices who are already eligible/pending for the update here http://www.androidpit.com/android-5-...ne-update-news - I don't know much about their TVs, but anecdotally I have never heard anything bad. Blackberry doesn't have a sense of urgency when it comes to software updates which is really frustrating as a previous passport owner.

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    05-18-15 04:04 PM
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    The Passport fixed the flickering screen issue with not just a firmware update, but a full OS update for good measure. And they did this just weeks later. Blackberry also updated a lot of Z30's with weeks after the release of 10.3.1 to address an issue that may have existed for a while with the infamous black screen (I fell victim myself). They showed me they do the right thing.

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    05-18-15 04:44 PM
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