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    CB Family,

    I was one of the lucky ones who had the Beta device months back which I’ve shared my experience back then with the CB community. Afterwards, I had to get my hands on the official version as soon as it was out – in simple words, I couldn’t imagine going back to the Q10.

    After months with the Passport, I just wanted to share few points which I’ve encountered so far:
    • Device went slower in terms of apps launch; especially Android based ones. Can’t complain much as this is normal in any smartphone nowadays with the cache being filled, etc. I still believe Passport is way better than any smartphone in the market, it’s just a point to be highlighted.
    • Loading of media is going slower and slower with the days passing – I got a class 10 32GB memory card which is 85% full but this issue is more frustrating than anything till moment.
    • Camera focus glitch which is a bit annoying as you need to shake the phone or move it in certain ways to fix the focus. I read that Blackberry got a team to enhance the camera experience, let’s see what they can do for us but the response time needs to definitely be developed.
    • Phone freezing because of certain official and well known android apps. I do realize we’re lucky enough to be running android apps on our BBs but there’s a lot of room for improvement out there. Not to mention the crashing apps as well.
    • Blackberry HUB has got its moments as well where it decides to freeze, leaving you idle for few minutes. Sometimes requires a hard reset to resolve the issue.
    • Gmail randomly disconnecting and delaying emails? I’ve read around and some people say it’s a Gmail issue. Not so sure about this one.
    • Contacts Sync: I didn’t get why anyone with the same first name got linked under the same contact. A software bug that needs to be fixed as I had to go through a lot of un-linking which I’m not sure if I actually covered all of them or not.
    • Assistant is a bit slow.
    • Delay in full load of 'Contacts' - take time to display names (i do have 5k+ contacts but regardless, it should be faster).
    • Occasional over-heating – mainly when android apps semi crash and keep running in the background until they completely close.
    • Keyboard swipe down to show the symbols goes unresponsive.
    • Phone goes unresponsive to the ‘Swipe-to-Unlock’, requires you to press the power button where the screen blinks, you go back to swipe and so on until it unlocks. Sometimes, you need to keep pressing the power button until you see the countdown, hit cancel and then the phone responds. These are increasing lately.

    Nonetheless, this phone is a power house and I can’t see any phone beating it. Battery life is simply out of this world.

    I hope some of the above will get fixed through upcoming OS updates but regardless, this phone makes me happy

    Happy 2015 CB!
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    01-04-15 01:34 AM
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    That's quite a laundry list of issues. I've had my Passport since launch day and have had very few issues at all, except:

    Camera focus glitch: On occasions when this happens, I just tap the item to be focussed upon. Done.
    Contacts Sync: Yes, some contacts linked in error, but the "unmerge existing contacts" option eleiminated the problem.
    Assistant slow: Yes.

    FWIW, I set my Passport up from scratch, including setting up all accounts.
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    01-04-15 10:42 AM
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    I bought my Passport on launch day and have never used leaked software. The only issue I have: the camera software could be improved. Otherwise, this is an exceptionally reliable and nimble mobile computing device.

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    01-04-15 10:52 AM
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    Similar to Kareem.
    01-04-15 11:45 AM
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    Three months with my Passport. The only issue I have is the camera software. That's not a bug, just crappy software.

    Question for the OP. Were all these problems with the beta device?

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    01-04-15 12:53 PM
  6. kareem_ruhi's Avatar
    Three months with my Passport. The only issue I have is the camera software. That's not a bug, just crappy software.

    Question for the OP. Were all these problems with the beta device?

    Posted via CB10
    Apologies for the late reply as i was away for few weeks.

    Actually no it wasn't there but i had the beta for around a month before the launch and i immediately got the official version as soon as it was out. Usually the first couple of months are always 'perfect' and then the bugs/glitches start to roll with the cache being filled, etc.
    01-26-15 11:07 PM

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