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    As BlackBerry fans my wife and I began discussing our frustration with the struggling smartphone company about three years ago, and I decided to take my opinion to Crackberry where my fellow "crackberrians" literally bashed me to bits. Now years later it seems BlackBerry has finally got the picture, and by that I mean: "don't toss four to five devices at us within a year, but just one or may two flagship devices and make them the very best, with specs second to none"! I don't know about you but I hated having what was considered their flagship device only to see a much cheaper version receive an OS update before I did. This lead me to question if I had purchased the right device or not, and still before my update now there's a newer device being released, then perhaps finally an update would arise for my device but by then my device has become out dated compared to the competing devices! Having now this amazing Passport I'd rather wait til the end of the year to purchase its next version that's hoped to be best than try to decide between five average devices!

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    05-25-15 05:28 PM
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    You can install leak os, not much different than android
    05-25-15 05:58 PM
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    The topic didn't match the content at all.
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    05-25-15 09:27 PM
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    Funny thing is BlackBerry hasn't really learned anything. You're contradicting yourself.

    BlackBerry devices available:
    Porsche Design Q10 models, 2 of them!
    Q5 - yes it's still being sold not end of life. This is more than 4/5 devices. So by that alone it hasn't learned.

    Something to contradict you is one of those flagship devices was more than capable with only a few best in class specs different than the Passport and it was insulting to US owners not to have 10.3.1 when Porsche Design, old hardware, and Passport and Classic had theirs almost 2-3 months exclusively. Not a food way to do business.

    Just my thoughts.

    Posted by BlackBerry accept no compromise!
    05-25-15 10:19 PM

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