1. JPushkarH's Avatar
    I just received BB Passport yesterday.. I tried played a lot with built in os may be 10.3.0..
    Mean while it got automatically updated to 10.3.3.
    But there are some serious problems with 10.3.3 over 10.3.0
    1. Lost Facebook integration
    2. Very high battery drain
    3. Phone remains hot since
    no account added after update, I know account sync makes it hot

    So may be 10.3.3 is not ideal os for BB Passport for now ...

    Which is good os for BB Passport as of now..?
    12-13-16 05:07 PM
  2. dkon1000's Avatar
    Make sure you reset the phone at least once after the update. Hold up and down volume keys in at same time until phone reboots. Then leave for a couple of days to settle. Battery drain should come to an end once phone stabilizes after the upgrade.

    There are facebook apps others us e that you can search in these forums. I don't use fb so can't help. I'm running 10.3.3 for days now and it works fine.

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    12-13-16 05:25 PM
  3. conite's Avatar
    The question is moot as you can't downgrade from 10.3.3 anyway.
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    12-13-16 05:30 PM
  4. aullak's Avatar
    You will have to stick with the new Os you don't have any way to downgrade it.

    However for battery drain just wait for some time and let it settle down, you may perform a hard reset by holding down the both volume keys till the device gets restarted.

    Blackberry Passport SE
    12-15-16 03:10 AM
  5. JPushkarH's Avatar
    Yes now my PassPort is working fine may be small settle time is required. Also got native facebook solution. Side loading 3 old os bar files.
    12-15-16 08:18 AM

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