1. Adil Khan7's Avatar
    Guys I have been wondering that there are no games in BlackBerry world but I have seen many video people playing games. Can u guys tell me which is ur favorite game in BlackBerry world or play store and comment ur game username so that people may add u and play games online with u

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-17 03:02 AM
  2. anon(9175377)'s Avatar
    Addicted to 10 pin Shuffle myself.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-17 05:53 AM
  3. The_Passporter's Avatar
    My friend showed me a game on his Moto Z the other day. It was Pinball Predator VS Alien or something and it was 3D. T graphics were crazy and I was astonished at the kind of games you can play on a phone these days. Unfortunately I doubt you can do much with the Passport but I'm ok with that cause the reason I got the Passport was not to play games but for a better msging experience.

    One game I do play is M.A.C.E. TD.
    I believe it's an android game. Of course.
    02-21-17 08:31 AM
  4. ryder55's Avatar
    I'm addicted to 8 ball pool on android lol and it's variant on blackberry appworld

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-17 10:19 AM
  5. Adam Kowalczyk1's Avatar
    PAC-MAN FTW! Seriously, great way to burn off some free time.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-17 11:36 AM
  6. LazyTabbyCat's Avatar
    Evo Explores (native) - Monument Valley inspired adventure
    Retroarch (native) - search for a thread on Crackberry. A native emulator of large amount of different old game consoles like NES. Some things like DOSBox or PRBoom don't work properly.
    SummVM (apk) - no comments.
    02-21-17 11:43 AM
  7. PantherBlitz's Avatar
    If you want the Rovio games you will need to get a Q10, install them, make a backup with Link, and restore that backup to your Passport.
    Many of the best BB10 games were abandoned in late 2013 and were not whitelisted for distribution to newer devices like the Classic, Z30, etc.
    andy957 likes this.
    02-21-17 12:00 PM
  8. ratfinkstooley's Avatar
    Get the "My Boy! Free" apk either from the Cobalt Google Play Store hack or just from Google-ing it and then download Gameboy Adavance games (ROMS) from the web and play those. Nothing like playing Mario Bros. 3 on your Passport The controls are pretty good too.
    02-21-17 12:21 PM
  9. IvanTheTolerable's Avatar
    Fieldrunners 100% must have

    Android? No thanks. Just give me BB10 and CP/M and I'm a happy man.
    02-21-17 12:50 PM
  10. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Brick Breaker.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-17 02:50 PM
  11. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    GTA SA

     BlackBerry Passport SE SQW-100-4 /
    02-21-17 09:45 PM
  12. Georgi Stefanov's Avatar
    I'm like Racing 3D-Fury Road,great game

    Posted from my BlackBerry Passport SE via CB10
    02-22-17 02:57 AM
  13. crackbb10's Avatar
    Pac-Man is really nice if you like retro. Brick Breaker is also fun to play when using the "q" and "p" keys. Only gripe with Brick Breaker is it only has 20 levels and that's it.

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-17 04:35 AM
  14. someshkelkar3's Avatar
    Try asphalt 8 its on bbw.

    Posted via my BlackBerry two way pager
    02-22-17 04:45 AM
  15. palewhiteninja's Avatar
    Retroarch is pretty much all I use for gaming, I've been playing through a lot of the GBA library, as most of the games use the A and B buttons so I can get the most out of the keyboard on the passport

    Best games for BlackBerry passport-img_20170222_105340.png

    Posted via Nokia 3310
    02-22-17 01:56 PM
  16. Zeratul57's Avatar
    There a game called watch your miss universe. You hack into the NSA to see all the juicy camera action and pictures. It's very addicting and can cause accidents like walking off a cliff.

    Sent from one of my SE Passports using BB10 superior software.
    02-22-17 03:41 PM
  17. erinsteadman's Avatar
    Ancient Continent is awesome. A tower defense but a whole lot more. Been playing it for over 3 years and still love it. Made for Blackberry too
    04-12-17 10:00 PM
  18. Drenegade's Avatar
    Retroarch SNES games.

    Posted via CB10
    04-12-17 10:25 PM
  19. aslamk47's Avatar
    Retroarch is pretty much all I use for gaming, I've been playing through a lot of the GBA library, as most of the games use the A and B buttons so I can get the most out of the keyboard on the passport

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20170222_105340.png 
Views:	235 
Size:	344.3 KB 
ID:	417873

    Posted via Nokia 3310
    Where to download this game and what name of game?

    04-13-17 01:04 AM
  20. Low Joe's Avatar

    Sent from my ⑩ Passport SE using QNX Neutrino RTOS; not running Android or IOS. Dare to be different!
    04-13-17 04:13 PM
  21. BlackBerryPassport's Avatar
    Best games for BlackBerry passport-img_20170413_111127.png


    Posted via CB10
    04-13-17 04:41 PM
  22. palewhiteninja's Avatar
    Where to download this game and what name of game?

    That was one of the sonic advance games, I recently deleted a bunch of stuff so I can't remember which one in particular. Downloaded from emu paradise

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-17 01:21 AM
  23. Aboody Zomar's Avatar
    My games are

    From BlackBerry World: solitaire, Royale solitaire, roll the ball, chess, connect words, sum12,sniper 3d and 8 pool (so addictive)

    Apks: mortal kombat x, Atlantic fleet, crazy 8 and ikout.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition
    05-06-17 11:26 AM
  24. Drg84's Avatar
    Best games for BlackBerry passport-img_20170508_150307.png you have to patch tetris blitz to work with Google play though

    Posted via CB10
    05-08-17 03:04 PM
  25. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    I think PES2017

     BlackBerry Passport SE SQW-100-4 /
    05-09-17 03:42 AM

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