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    Hi everybody,

    First of all, thank you for the great community we have here. It's been very useful to learn about the device and specially on how to properly setup some Android related issues, etc. It's not a pleasure that my first post is for asking help, but here it goes.

    I got a Blackberry Passport from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I configured it and immediately upgraded it over-the-air to BB
    I set up the APN to my service provider recommendations (it was working with another ones that were put anyway) and it's been a pleasure to use if it wasn't for one very annoying problem i am suffering. From time to time, say, about 5 times a day, my Internet stops working.
    Everything looks fine if you look at the signal level meter, the 4G icon, the BB RIM or whatever it is icon: everything shows as connected and working properly, but it does not. The browser never connects and shows connection error, chatting doesn't work. No internet. Until i either: disconnect and reconnect from the mobile network. Only disabling and enabling mobile data doesn't fix the issue. I have to completely disconnect (disable) the mobile network and connect again.
    It only happens with the mobile network; Wifi always works like a charm.
    I tried changing the APN to blackberry.net but nothing changed at all.

    I come from the Android world and i am very lost now; i don't know any way to see messages from the OS, like Android's debug console. I was just able to check that i got an IP address from Settings -> About -> Network. Everything looks fine, but doesn't work.
    I used this very same SIM card and company with several Android phones and never encountered a problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    Kind regards,
    09-21-16 03:36 AM

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