1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Since this morning I have a second BB Passport. My first old one (slightly damaged, hence just purchased the second) upgraded fine. Says now. Everything's working.

    The second (brandnew) one caused a problem:

    I only did some basic setups after taking it out of the box, still on 10.3.0.
    All fine, connected with BB Link to my PC, connected to my WLAN and kicked off the first upgrade to the recent latest 10.3.2 patch.

    After upgrading this device does not open the 'Settings' window from Quick Settings anymore.

    I can bring up the 'Setup' app, but then it does not start any applications from the 'Setup' menu anymore. e.g. Wi-Fi, Accounts, Settings, BlackBerry ID, Sounds and Notifications, etc.

    Touching any of these apps darkens the screen for about 5 secs, then normally lit again. Simply nothing actually starts.

    That Passport is now not connected to my WLAN anymore.
    BB Link does not recognize it anymore. Also not if connected via USB cable.
    When connecting it via USB cable neither the device nor the PC show they are connected.

    Tried to reboot several times, no difference.

    I am totally stuck as I can't go back to the previous OS version, can't connect to the PC via USB, and can't connect to the internet via Wi-FI.

    Does anyone have an idea ?
    Like how to at least get back to my starting point (factory setting?) from a couple hours ago ?

    many thanks in advance!

    - volker
    01-19-16 12:50 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Settings > Security and Privacy > Security Wipe will take you back to factory fresh. If you've encrypted your media card, decrypt it it before wiping. Also, I'd suggest turning off BLackBerry Protect.
    01-19-16 04:33 PM
  3. volker67's Avatar
    Thanks for you reply, unfortunately that's the crux:
    i cannot open 'Settings' anymore. So can't get into Security and Privacy. Neither from the Quick Settings no from Setup.
    So I can't initiate Security Wipe this way.

    Is there some special key combinations that would initiate Security Wipe ?

    BB Link also does not recognize the device when connected via USB after the patch.
    And Setup > Wi-FI does not launch either anymore.

    I had not entered a Media Card yet and had not yet activated BB Protect.
    01-20-16 12:20 AM
  4. altijdzwart's Avatar
    I think the device ran out of juice.
    My best bet would be to connect the device to the original charger and let it charge the whole night. After that, press power button and hold for few secs. When the device comes back up, don't activate Wifi or anything, just update the device manually. (see below)

    Download and install OS / software version

    use the autloader option ... it's easier.

    GOOD LUCK !!
    01-23-16 10:03 AM

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